Of Mud and Mountains 

The love is inside the belly 

sometimes it drips like a faucet from your eyes

when it is hardly recognized 

it tumbles in your head 

before you know where its coming from 

it seeps into your soul

once your body has a chance to respond

it burns like coal, 

it leaves its black stains on you 

you feel the tug of the garment of your heart 

it awakens long before you feel the pull

the blood pool is from the spill of your guard

the scars you won't know is there 

until you run water over it,

it tends to scab once you face it 

it stings for nothing but a moment 

you linger in it 

as if it will last 

it makes you fragile in the shoulders 

the burdens is  of mountains

the feet are of mud

you live in it

where you can  taste yourself

only a taste 

because it is hard to swallow 

you wake and give a look to your face

you wither when the wind chimes

the winters are summers best friend

you look as if you'll never get there

your feet are of mud

the burdens are of mountains

it's only this way... if we never face it

© 2021 by H. J. Casseus.